Photo by Edward Small

Photo by Edward Small

Michael Small is an English-born composer currently living in the United States.

Michael’s works often draw on visual or literary sources and seek to place the listener’s imaginative journey at the heart of the work’s narrative. Dreams, hallucinations, memory, flight, and surreal landscapes are recurring themes and inspirations.


Michael recently founded a podcast of interviews with composers called Composers' Notes, which you can listen to here.

Michael's latest work How fair, how strange for solo violin was premiered on March 13th in Boulder, CO. The work was commissioned by Michiko Theurer as part of an innovative project relating the music of six composers to paintings informed by Virginia Woolf's seminal novel, The Waves. You can read more about it at our website.

Michael is also composing a new work for Oboe Quintet to be premiered by the Liverpool Oboe Quintet in early 2018.