Orchestral Works

EASTERN POINT – after Winslow Homer (2015, rev. 2016) 
2(I=picc).2.2.2(II=cbsn). - - timp.perc(3):2sus.cym(2sizes)/vib/crot/t-bells/tam-t - hp - strings (recc. 10/10/8/6/4)


HAND TO EARTH – Images for Orchestra after Andy Goldsworthy (2014) 
2(I=picc).2(II=ca).2(II=bcl).2(II=cbsn). - - timp.perc(3):BD/sus.cym/wdbl(3diff.pitches)/vib/mar/glsp/crot/ diff. pitches)/t-bells/tam-t/ diff. pitches). - hp - strings (recc.10/10/8/6/4)

VISIBLE WORLD – Fantasy after Van Hoogstraten (2015) 
1(=picc.).1.1.1. - 1.1.1. - pno - perc(1):tam-t/BD/crot/glsp/vib/whip/t-bells. - strings (1/1/1/1/1)

Premiered April 2015 at Cornell University, Barnes Hall, Ithaca N.Y. with the Festival Chamber Orchestra and Chris Kim conducting.


ALACRITY – for Sinfonietta (2010) 
1(I=picc.).1.1(I=ebcl&bcl).1(I=cbsn) - 1.1.1. - pno - perc(1):mar/vib/whip/wdbl(4 diff.pitches)/bongos - strings (1/1/1/1/1)

Commissioned from Ensemble 10/10 and Clark Rundell. Premiered May 2010 at The Capstone, Liverpool Hope University with Ensemble 10/10 and Clark Rundell (conductor).

CHAMber Orchestra

Vocal & ChoraL WORKS

IN MID-AUTUMN – for Soprano and Sinfonietta (2013) 
1.1.1(=bcl).1. - 1.1.1. - perc(1):BD/sus.cym/wdbl.(2 diff. pitches)/vib/mar - pno - soprano - strings (1/1/1/1/1)

Orchestration of central song from The Moon was not the Moon. Premiered on the at Cornell University’s Barnes Hall with soprano Judith Kellock, the Festival Chamber Orchestra, and Chris Kim conducting.

Chamber Works

HOW FAIR, HOW STRANGE - for Solo Violin (2016-17)
Commissioned by Michiko Theurer for her innovative project circling the waves. Premiered March 13th, 2017 in Boulder, CO


WHITE SPACE – Meditation on Saenredam for Solo Violin (2015) 
Commissioned by the Royal Philharmonic Society as part of their Young Composer Commissions. This piece was the result of the Alan Horne Award and was premiered on 29th August 2015 by Fenella Humphreys at the Presteigne Festival. White Space has now been performed six times throughout the UK.


HASEGAWA SKETCH – for Solo Piano (2014) 
Premiered by Andrew Zhou at Barnes Hall, Cornell University April 12th 2015.


ILLUSION after RAIN SHOWER – Paradoxes for Solo Clarinet on Yeh Tzu-Chi (2014) 


MEMORY PALACE – for String Quartet (2014-15) 

Premiered by The Momenta Quartet at Barnes Hall, Cornell, Ithaca N.Y. in April 2015.


I WAS THE SHADOW OF THE WAXWING SLAIN – Reflections after Nabokov for Cello, Piano and Electronics (2014) 

Premiered by cellist Elizabeth Lyon and pianist Ryan MacEvoy McCullough in September 2014.